LHDN e-Invoice Ready


1. What is E-Invoice?

E-invoices have the same function as traditional invoices, namely as proof of transactions between sellers and buyers. However, E-invoices are no longer in the form of printed documents but in the form of digital documents that are sent easily via email and other applications.


With SKYBIZ Cloud e-Invoice Solution, businesses can generate, submit, process and receive e-Invoices from LHDN, in an officially recognized e-Invoice format, and of course, this directly increases better efficiency by simplifying the entire process, connecting business or SME and e-Invoicing-simultaneously.

2. How does SKYBIZ Cloud e-Invoice Platform works?

Developed effectively from the official LHDN e-Invoice Software Development Kit (SDK), the SKYBIZ Cloud e-Invoice Platform bridges the gap between your businesses and the LHDN, enabling direct submission of e-Invoices to the LHDN system through all SKYBIZ Cloud ERP software interface. This functionality will cover the generation of Standard, Consolidated, and Self-Billed e-Invoices. Soon, users will have the capability to utilize Peppol standard invoicing for their transactions, enhancing interoperability within the Peppol ecosystem.

3. all type of e-invoice

Standard e-Invoice

After Generating e-Invoices using SKYBIZ Cloud Accounting Software you can upload them to the SKYBIZ Cloud e-Invoice Platform for submission to the LHDN server just with a simple click.

Consolidated e-Invoice

Businesses in retail and F&B can easily generate consolidated LHDN compliant e-Invoices for B2C transactions and directly upload them to LHDN from SKYBIZ Cloud POS.

Retail or F&B business owners running multiple stores in different locations able to consolidate e-Invoices by utilizing POS Solution. With a simple click, invoices from each outlet can be generated and consolidated while complying with LHDN regulations.

Customers can simply scan the QR code printed on the receipt and enter details to request an e-Invoice, making the process even simpler.

Once customer filled in their details and submitted the request, it will then prompt the SKYBIZ Cloud e-Invoice Platform to generate e-Invoice.

Self-Billed e-Invoice

Self-billed e-invoices can be particularly difficult for businesses engaged in high-volume activities, such as international procurement, or those incurring varied expenses like commissions paid to agents, dealers, or distributors.

With the SKYBIZ Cloud e-Invoice solution, you can effortlessly transfer all invoice details from purchase or payment vouchers to self-billed e-Invoices, eliminating manual entry, reducing your workload, and saving more time.